new book: food security

International Trade and Food Security: The Future of Indian Agriculture

HD2072 I685 2016, Parks Library Floor 3

Table of Contents

  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: Transformation of Indian Agriculture Following Economic Liberalization
  • 3: Food Consumption Pattern and Nutritional Security among Rural Households in India: Impact of Cross-Cutting Rural Employment Policies
  • 4: Food Demand and Supply Projections to 2030: India
  • 5: Indian Economic Growth and Trade Agreements: What Matters for India and for Global Markets?
  • 6: India: Economic Growth and Income Distribution in Rural and Urban Areas
  • 7: Food Safety Standards for Domestic and International Markets: The Case of Dairy
  • 8: India’s Poultry Sector: Trade Prospects
  • 9: Employment Guarantee Program and Income Distribution
  • 10: India’s Price Support Policies and Global Food Prices
  • 11: Biofuel Commitments in India and International Trade
  • 12: Input Subsidy vs Farm Technology- Which is More Important for Agricultural Development?
  • 13: High-value Production and Poverty: The Case of Dairy in India
  • 14: Changing Structure of Retail in India: Looking Beyond Price Competition
  • 15: Conclusions and Way Forward

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