New title: College Football’s Greatest

College Football’s Greatest, by Bill Syken

GV951 C625x 2016, Parks Library Leisure Collection (fireplace reading room), after 3 or 4 months will be pushed to the general collection, available on Floor 2, same call number.

This is a large book with great pictures to go along with the greatest lists, from the expected quarterbacks and running backs, to offensive lineman, to best bowl games, best game-day experiences and mascots, and everything in between. Lists are given as the top 10 in each category and a cursory overview of each player listed with a 1 paragraph description. Also there are full page stories on some of the athletes and categories, which are copies of previously published articles that appeared in Sport’s Illustrated on the selected top 10 athlete at the time they were playing. For example, Herschel Walker is listed as the top college running back, and there is also a 2 page story that was published on August 31st, 1981, in Sport’s Illustrated about Mr. Walker.


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