new book: The Bacteriocins

The Bacteriocins: current knowledge and future prospects, edited by R. Dorit, S.M.Roy and M. A.Riley

QR92 B3 B323x 2016, Parks Library Tier 5

Bacteriocins are potent protein toxins produced by virtually every bacterial and archeal species examined to date. These bactericidal peptides play an important role in regulating competitive interactions in natural microbial systems. From the perspective of human health, the bacteriocins represent a library of potential lead compounds honed over three billion years of evolution. Their narrow target range, high activity, surprising stability and low toxicity position them as viable alternatives or complements to existing small molecule antibiotics. The rise of antibiotic resistant pathogens and the growing awareness of the importance of the microbiome to human health underscore the need for this new class of antimicrobials, emblematic of a new approach to the treatment of infectious disease.


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